African Massage DA
African Massage DA
African Massage Monrovia, Liberia
African Massage Clinic is no longer in Norway, We have relocate the clinic to Liberia- West Africa.
Welcome To First African Massage Clinic Monrovia

Dear Customers.
We are sorry to tell you that, African Massage Clinic is no longer in Norway Oslo.
We have relocate the clinic to West Africa Monrovia, Liberia, where we have 17 employees working for the company 24hours, and 10 young beautiful professional deploma holder in Holistic therapist, and we can also easly change our Massage Therapist from time to time than the way we struggle to have them in Norway.

If you ever wish to visit our massage clinic in Africa, you are very welcome.
all international clients from around Europe are very welcome to visit our beautiful clinic.
We are also offering our international clients a very safe, clean and nice guest house as well.

Please Visit our official website to see all prices and more information about our new massage clinic in Monrovia, Liberia.

We are the only African Massage Clinic in Monrovia Liberia, and have our new clinic up to the western grade standard of qualities, with more employees this time compare to what we had in Norway.

We Love you all and we say you are very welcome to African Massage In Monrovia Liberia West Africa.


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15:30 - 00:00
open 24hrs, call +231 (0) 778 977 712,+231 (0) 888 977 712
Reception of African Massage Clinic
pictures of our beautiful Reception
One of our Massage rom
This Rom is for Sport Massage
African Massage Clinic in Oslo, Norway
Window picture: Jens Bjelkes gate 71, 0652 Oslo.
Picture of our bath rom
Our bathrom is clean and need after each customer. We never get tired of making sure our customers used a clean and neat bathrom when visiting us.
These are some of the Massage products we used
We used oreginal Massage oil to treat all our customers, These oil are very effective on the muscles and body.

Jens Bjelkes Gate 71
0652 Oslo
967 11 371