African Massage DA
African Massage DA
African Massage DA
African Massage Clinic is Using Nature To Threat Different Kind Of Body and Muscle Problems.
Welcome To First African Massage Clinic In Norway

Greetings dear Visitors: Welcome To African Massage Clinic In Oslo.

African Massage need Spa/Massage Therapist With African Origin.

We are looking for serious, loyal, commited and professional Massage therapist,
and will consider both male and female applicants with African origin.
We are offering a legal job, with a working contract you will need to sign.

You may be the one we are looking for if you:
- Have the Legal right to stay and work in Norway.
- Love to do good massage and treat clients with respect.
- Promise to respect our ethic rule - Do not offer or sell sex.
- Accept hygiene routiners and cleaning as part of your work.

If you are an African who considers to work for African Massage DA,
please contact us for an interview:
- E-mail:
- Mobile: 922 28 987

The Secret To A Long And Healthy Life Style, Is Part Of Regular Massage Treatments.
Science Has Proven One Way Or The Other, That All Massage Treatments Are Packed With Many Health Benefits That Alot Of People Are Not Aware Of.
Are You Aware That Each Time You Receive A Massage Treatment, Your Entire Body Get Flushed Like A Toilet? And Everything Within Your Body System Get Renewed And Starts Working At Fresh ?Yes It Does.

EveryTime Our Body Receives A Massage treatment, It Get Flush Like A Toilet, So The More Our Body is Flushed, The Cleaner And Cleaner It Gets, That Is How Our Body Works.
If Our Body Doès not Get Flushed Regularly, Then It Keeps And Stores So Many Unhealthy Stuffs That Can Affect Our Health Sooner Or Later As We Age.

Do You Notice That Your Body Is Giving You Unhealthy Signals That Makes You Concerned? Come And Try Our Massage Treatments, The Sooner You Vist Our Clinic The Better For Your Over All Health, Massage Is A Natural Medical Treatment Every One Should Start Looking Into, If You Have Been To Doctors Or Therapists And Still Struggle With The Same Problems, Do Not Ignore African Massage Treatments, Come And Try Our Miracle Massage Treatment sIn One Of The Cleanest Clinics In Norway.

There Are Some Issues You Struggle With In Your Body That Should Have Been Cured Throught A Few Rounds Massage Treatments, But You Either Ignored Massage Treatments Or You Came Just To Late.
We Offer Different Kinds of Massage Treatment That Suit Different Needs Of The Body And For Your Over All Health.

Do Not Wait until Your Body Shuts Down Completely.
Start Your Massage Treatment Now And Save Your Body From Aging Complications.
Each Time You Get A Massage, Your Body Gets Rid Of OId Oxygen And Renewed With A Clean And Fresh Natutral Oxygen, Plus So Many Health Benefits Which You Can Read Through Our Links Below.

Getting a regular Massage is something everyone needs to take into consideration, most especially in this corona period, Because Massage treatment can be a great help for your health.
We will give you many reasons why massage treatment is best for your over all health, and for your every day to day normal working life.

Please read from these two powerful link below, to know the health benefit of getting a regular Massage.

Top 5 Reasons to Receive Regular Massage Therapy
1. Regular Massage Relieves the Effects of Stress
decreases the negative health responses related to chronic stress
decreases Cortisol and Insulin levels
stress-reducing hormones calm the nervous system to decrease heart rate and breathing, relax muscles and improve digestion
increases endorphins that stop the transmission of pain signals, thereby reducing sensitivity to pain
stimulates Delta Brainwave activity which induces deep sleep.

2. Regular Massage Improves Circulation
improves overall nutrition of tissue and elasticity of blood vessels
improves blood flow and increases oxygen to tissues
lowers blood pressure by reducing stress that causes arterial blood vessel receptors to become less responsive due to overstimulation (high blood pressure)

3. Regular Massage Increases Immunity
distributes and stimulates the production of immune cells (white blood cells) throughout the body to help filter toxins and metabolic waste products in order to protect from foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria
improves lymphatic circulation to provide cleaner blood whereby defenses against infection are enhanced
disperses lactic acid and other waste products out of muscles and mobilizes the lymphatic system to prevent accumulation that can cause pain and fatigue.

4. Regular Massage Prevents Muscle Strain
reduces muscle tension through increased production of relaxing hormones
increases circulation and oxygen to tissues to aid in healing and promote tissue integrity
stimulates joint fluid production and improves elasticity and flexibility of tissues connecting to the joint
less pain means less pharmaceuticals for pain relief (fewer side-effects)

5. Regular Massage Improves Posture
freeing up restrictions in tissue allows the body to structurally align more naturally
decreases muscle fatigue and tension resulting in less joint compression or friction, leading to less degeneration or arthritic changes
reduces the effects of postural patterns from overuse like sitting at a desk or heavy lifting, thereby extending your active lifestyle
Massage is a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen, despite the reasons that inspired you to seek it out. Experts at the Touch Research Institute estimate that approximately 90% of all disease is stress-related. They state that the benefits of receiving regular massages are cumulative and much more effective when received regularly. The more often and the more consistent you receive a massage, the better your body will feel over time. Budgeting time and money for massage is an investment in your health. The gift of prevention is a healthy future! More than a massage, it’s a lifestyle!

These are some of the massage services we offer, and we accept Vipps, cash and card payments.
---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- ------------

full Arm + hands + finger tip Massage 45mins 650kr
Please read the 7 health benefit of this massage .

Foot Massage 30 mins 500 kr
Foot Massage 60 mins 850 kr
Please read the 18 health benefit of this massage, these are just some of the benefit for foot massage but there are still more..

Head Neck & Shoulder Massage 30 mins 500 kr
Head Neck & Shoulder Massage 60 mins 900 kr
Please read the health benefit of this massages etc

Neck, Back, shoulders, arms 60 mins 900 kr
Please read the health benefit of this massage

Foot to butt hips massage 60 mins 900 kr
Please read the health benefit of this massage

Butt Massage 30mins 500kr
Butt Massage 60mins 999kr
Please read the health benefit of this massage

Hard Sport Massage 60 mins 1100 kr
Hard Sport Massage 75mins 1450 kr
Hard Sport Massage 90 mins 1750 kr
Hard Sport Massage 120 mins 2150 kr
A full body massage service requires at least 60 mins massage.
Please read the health benefit of this massage

Soft medium Massage 60 mins 1100 kr
Soft medium Massage 75 mins 1450 kr
Soft medium Massage 90 mins 1750 kr
Please read the health benefit of this massage

Hot Stones Massage 90 mins 1750 kr
This relaxing treatment is only available with a 90 mins massage session.
Please read the health benefit of this massage

Very soft oily relaxing massage treatment .
full body massage 60mins 1500kr
full body massage + finish with prostate 60mins 2100kr
full body massage 75mins 2100kr
full body massage + finish with prostate 75mins 2600kr
full body massage 90mins 2400
Please read the health benefit of this massage

Prostate massage 45 mins 1250 kr

Prostate Massage stimulate the entired male organs, which save many men from complications with in the gland area etc as they began to age, Prostate Massage has alot of healthy benefit which many men are not educated or aware of.

We underline that our prostate Massage is meant for men to boost their prostate gland in a healthy way, it also help in preventing any disorder within the gland area - as you grow older and older. We don't use toys when performing this Massage, we can educate you on prostate massage and it important health benefit.
Please read the health benefit of this massage

Traditional African Massage 60mins 1500kr
Traditional African Massage 75mins 1850kr
Traditional African Massage 90mins 2300kr
Traditional African Massage 120mins 2900kr
Traditional African Massage + finish with Prostate 75mins 2500kr
Everyone ask so much about our Traditional African Massage.
This Massage is one of our best - we use our traditional African Herbs from Africa to perform this massage.
Every African country has its own way of performing this Traditional Treatment, that is why we cant clearly explain how it works since there are 3 African ladies from different African Countries, who perfom the massage differently.
Our Traditional African Massage is perfomed differently from The Traditional Thai Massage, They are not the same.
Please read the health benefit of this massage

We take the health of all our customers very serious in this Clinic, the health of our customers come first before money, African Massage is a very restricted and discipline Clinic.

That means every customer who disrespect what we have written on both our website and profiles will be black listed and block from contacting or visiting our Clinic, in some cases, customers are temporay black listed and block and after we reopen their contact, while some customer who have been so bad are permanently block and black listed.
permanent block listed customers will never have the chance to visit our now Clinic and the new Clinic we will open in the future.

Our entired clinic is completely clean and neat, we have full Control of good hygeine in the clinic.
We take very good care of your health as well as your body.
We are not only keeping our clinic very clean and warm physically, we are also keeping the air in our clinic fresh, clean and healthy for all our customers to breathe - without worries.

African Massage is a clinic in Norway that is focusing on doing everyhing possible for all its customers to be in a Clean safe and healthy enviroment.

We were one of the first clinics starting to use an accurate temperature testing kit, Antibic, face mask, plastic on shoes - and not let more than 2 customers be present for massage, and we lock our entrance door for people who have no appointment with us.

We feel confident that our customers can relax when visiting our clinic to receive good massage treatments, with zero worries of getting infected by anything in our

African Massage Clinic dont have a free cancellations, so be 100% sure before you book an appointment or order a drop-in with us, if you book and cancel, you will have to pay the full amount of the choosen Massage Treatment,

Guardlines and Health rules:
To ensure the Health and safe guidline for all our customers:
To ensure good hygiene for both clients and employees when visiting us.
- Shoe plastic will be put on your shoes at the entrance.
- Using Antibac on your hands is a must when you enter our clinic.
-Taking shower before massage in our clinic is also a must.
- The masseuse will check your temperature: We can't take clients with higher body temperature than 37.5 C.

We now have a booking system, where we book all our customers, to avoid any misunderstanding
When booking appointment or drop in with us, please remember.
1)- Tell what kind of Massage you are interested in.
2)- At what time you could like to come.
3)- How long you could like to stay for
4)- What kind of payment you could like to make
you can choosed from the following:

Important Information To Old And New Customers:
Our both website and profiles are very clear about what we do, and what we dont do.
We plead to all customers/visitors to please respect our rules.

You are not allow to choose or ask for another Masseuse other than the one who should massage you.
Please be wel informed, African Massage Clinic dont sell sex or extra services.

The reason for no free cancellation is we dont pratice double booking in our Clinic, Due to the strong rules we have for cleaning our Shower/bathrom before and after each customer, So please respect our rules if you wish to visit us in the near by future, because in no time, African Massage Clinic will have chain all around Norway and customer who have been black listed for disrespecting our rules will contiue be black listed, that means you will never have the chance to visit our Clinic.
Our rules are very simple, and our message are very clear.

Our bathroom and toilet are always cleaned after being used.
Our entired clinic is completely clean and neat, we have full Control of good hygeine in our Clinic.

We leave you to decide, The kind of customer you choose to be and the record you wsih to have.
Thanks for your understanding.

There’s no reason to feel guilty indulging in a massage treatment. In fact, you have many reasons why you need to book a session right now. Studies have shown important physical, mental and emotional benefits from this relaxing theraphy.


For those of you who dont know, African Massage Clinic also take these customers below, Dont be ashame of your conditon come, and let us show you love and care throught our wonderful, and healthy Massage treatments
We will take very good care of you, and making sure that you get the right Massage treatment with love care and pampering.

Handicap customers
Disable customers
Down snydrome customers.
Obesity customers.
and manymore.

We have at the moment only two professional Massage Therapist, if the number of our Masseuse increases again, we will publish it, You are not allow to choose or request for a special masseuse .

If your visit to African Massage Clinic is to see many different black women, we are so sorry to disappoint you.
We have had many Masseuses coming in and going out of our clinic, because we were looking for only those who have education as a massage therapist and now we are left with only two ladies.
These are the names of the Masseuses who offer Massage Treatments in our Clinic :
Lucy and Meca.
They have always been the active workers in our clinic, and have done so many uncountable and wonderful Massage Treatments.
We receive emails everyday where customers are thanking them for a wonderful massage treatment and chats.

These are the only two Massage Therapist We have for now, We choose the both of them, Because they have the education and qualification for this work, does it very well and following the working rules given to them, We dont want to fill the Clinic with beautiful women/faces or illegal workers for pleasures.
We are doing a serious work in this Clinic, Therfore if you need more then a massage, we kindly advice you to visit another Clinic.
Thank you for your understanding.

Appointment and rules:
If you want an appointment, please call us on this number for booking: Mobile 922 28 987
African Massage Clinic does not do double bookings, It means that we take each customer one at a time, so when we give you a fixed appointment, we expect you to show up on time, or informed us if there is going to be any delay.
We advice every clients to take a drop in or short appointment that is between 5-20mins to avoid un-necessary cancellations.
But if you are 100% sure of your long hours appointmnet in advance than you can go ahead and book.

About our clinic hygeine and cleaness:
Clean towel and bed sheet is always prepared before the clients are received for massage,
All rooms are always cleaned with 99.99% Antibac spray before a new client is received.
Bathroom with toilet is always cleaned after being used.
Our entired clinic is completely clean and neat, we have full Control of good hygeine in the clinic.
We take very good care of your health as well as your body.

About our employees:
- Professional and well trained African ladies work here.
-Our masseuses are good, out spoken and polite to the clients.
-Our masseuses are very passionate about the work they do.
- Our masseuse girls are clean, fit and professional massage therapists.

Our Focus:
- We only accept requests for massage treatment.
- African Massage Clinic is only here to help with the health needs of a client.
- Our African masseuses are not sex workers, and we don't want to be addressed as one.
Please don't come to our clinic and ask for a special masseuse to massage you.
Thank you for your understanding

About our Massage services:
- We offer very good and professional Massage in our Clinic.
-African Massage Clinic is doing a wonderful job and we are proud of that.
We are going to treat you very good and you will always be welcome back to visit us
- We deliver nothing less than the best Massage Services.
-You will fall asleep like a new born baby while we massage your tired muscles,
so you can feel well relaxed for many days.

Be informed, that we do not sell sex or do escort in any form in our Clinic.
Please never contact us if you have any plan of buying sex.
Respect us, and we will respect you and welcome you all to African Massage therapy.
Thank you for the clear understanding of our message above.

Customer feedback, opinions and complaints:
We care about the feelings of all our customers therefore our board is open to hearing from you after visiting us.
Every customer is allow to talk about the experience they had when visited African Massage Clinic.
If the Experience you had in African Massage Clinic was a good one we could love to get a review from you.
If you got a bad experience we are really sorry,you are welcome to contact us and sent your complain to, we will look into your case and resolve the issues.
Both good and bad review can also be publish because we will learn from the bad review to increase our clinic quality services and correct those mistakes that made our customers unhappy if it is in our power .

We believe in:
- Cleanness
- Privacy
- Discretion
- Quality services
- Time
- Honesty
- Respect
- Relaxation

Introduction about African Massage Clinic in Norway:
African Massage DA was founded November 2018, and owned by a Native Norwegian male. The employees are all of African decent,

We have established a good system, where other foreign massage Clinics can follow our example.
To treat customers with love and respect, and to pay the Masseuses who are working in line with the Norwegian working act - Law.

African Massage Clinic is not only offering one of the best Massage services in the entire Norway as of today, but also educate customers how important and healthy massage is for their body and health.

The company urges the African Masseuses to develop their Massage skills to a top edge level, thus making our Clinic well known in our Norwegian soceity for giving top quality massage services. Many of our customers have heard rumors about this from their collegues at their workplace, and confirm that what they were told really is true:
- Our African Masseuses are giving the best massage they have ever received.
Our masseuses are treating customers very nice, and love the job they do.
The way our masseuses treat customers is very un-usual compare to many clinics in Norway.
These women are not just working to own money, they are very passionate about what they do, and love the job which is very important in such a work field.
Although not all customers are nice, but most customers treat our Masseuses with respect as well.

By respecting our clinic rules and giving top quality Massage, our Masseuses have helped African Massage to become very popular among an increasing number of customers, and we thank all of you who belive in African Massage Clinic. We receive email every day, where customers are praising both the Clinic and our Masseuses.
We are happy that you are not disappointed, and we will always do our best to help our customers improve their health after a visit to our clinic.

We hope to always become one of the good example of how a Massage clinic should be and to treat its customers.
thank you and God bless us all Amen.

African Massage Clinic is a well respected Clinic that is specialized in many different kinds of massage treatments, that could prevent a person from living on mutiple medication if they do a regular massage treatment

Our African Masseuse have good experience and advice on massage treatments, which many could benefit from, therefore
we want people to understand that this is not a place for escort or sexual services.

We are only here to offer you one of the best massage treatments in Norway today, which follow with a clean and decent enviroment, and not the black woman of your dreams.

If you have the intention of coming in our clinic to meet different black women, we are sorry to disappoint you, we have only 3 black ladies working here, 2 are regular workers and 1 is only call when it is very busy.
so for those who want to meet mutiple black women, we advice you to visit escort sites and find those different women of your choice, we are only offering massage treatment.

We hope you understand that this clinic is doing a very serious work and not playing, dont play with our rules if you wish to visit us in the near by future.

If your call or message is not answered, it means we are busy - but we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We apologize for any delay.
All Greetings and best wishes From:
African Massage Clinic

Find out here why you have been block and if you can still visit our clinic again.
Be informed, if you have been block before and was given the second chance and then got block again, you will not be able to visit our clinic anymore.
Do you suspect that your phone number has been blocked and black listed from visiting African Massage Clinic?
- If so, this is how you can contact us:
Send an email to:
We will look into the matter, and check if your phone is blocked and for which reason.
If your phone number was blocked for breaking one or more of our rules, it depends the kind of rule you have broken and how many warning messages you receive or previously got block.
All our rules described on our web-pages:
We will most likely give you the chance to call African Massage again, to book an appointment, if the rules you have broken is not the permanent one.

1) Customers who we can reconsider to visit our clinic once again, are those that will not break our rules again.
- Asking of special masseuse for massage treatment.
- Asking about who is working today, and how do the masseuse look like.
- Asking if there is slim or fat girl in the clinic.
- Asking If there is any new girl in the clinic
- Asking what do we offer apart from Massage.
- Asking if we have young girls working in the clinic.
- Refuse to take shower.
- Customer who Enter the bathrom but didnt take shower, and refuse to take a shower.

2) But there are customers we will not allow to visit African Massage clinic again.
The reason is that they have been permanently blocked and black listed for life - for one of these reasons:
- Customer who wants to have sex, offering an amount and begging the masseuse over and over and over,
even though our rules for massage say it is not allowed.
Still such customers keep on pleading to the masseuse. If you are one of those, you are not welcome here.
- Customer who try to pay for blow job, deep throat aka-happy ending, and plead over and over and over,
even though the masseuse say no, but the customers tries to persuade the masseuse by offering 1000's of kr.
- Customers who has tried to force the masseuse for sex by all means, being close to rape the masseuse.
- Customers who cancel the appointment and refused to pay for canceling a booked appointment.
- Customer who cancels appointment after arrival, because the masseuse is not their favorite masseuse.
- Customer who comes into the clinic and demands to see all the girls.
When it is not accepted - and the masseuse refuses to call the other masseuses, he leaves without paying.
- Customer who enters the clinic very drunk and start misbehaving, trying to force the masseuse to join him drinking.
- Customer who enters the clinic with drugs, takes drugs and tries to force the masseuse to join him take drugs.

Some Massage Clinics in Norway may accept one or more of the above mentioned wishes from the customer,
but African Massage DA will not accept it. We are very tought and straigth with those that want to visit our Clinic.
If you have tried such things in our clinic, you deserve to be blocked for life.
What we demand is that the customer will read, follow and respect the rules and regulations of African Massage Clinic.

We intend to keep and extend our clinic aound Norway, where we can offer many massage treatments with professional massage therapist, and people can be heal from their long time body problems, but not to sell sexual services, we are strongly against selling or buying sex.
Please read and follow all the rules if you wish to visit our clinic.
Thank you for reading.


Good News For All Our Customers Who Have Enjoy And Benefit From Our Quality Massage Treatments All These Years!!!.
African Massage Clinic Is Moving To The Next Level By Preparing To Lunch Its Largest Massage Clinic With Over 25 Treament Roms In Oslo, The Capital City Of Norway, The Clinic Will Be Ready Hopefully Right After The Summer Of 2023
The Website For Our Up Coming Clinic is:
You Have To Write On Your Laptop Or Mobile Phone To Have It Coming Up, The Link Will Not Come Up If you Click Direct From Our Website.
The Website Is Still Loading More Informations.

African Massage Clinic Is Also Puting Together Professional Massage Thrapist From East And West
Africa, With Many years Experience To Work In The Clinic, Therapist Who Knows About The Human Body, Know And See The Healthy and Unhealthy Body Signals And Reactions During Treatments.

The Clinic Will Have Three Sections.
1)-For Children With Special Needs Who Are already Getting Massage Treatments In Our Clinic Today.
2)- Pregnant Women/Breast feeding Mothers/ Women who Struggle with Different Problems.
3)-Normal Men/Old And Young Men With Secial needs of all kind.
Please Be Informed That we Are Not Medicial Doctors, We Are only Doing One Of The Best Massage Treatments That Might Feels,Look, Result And Seems Like A Medicial Treatment.

We Are Going To Be Treating Many Different Kind Of Body, Nerves And Muscles Problem Which People have Struggle With For Many Years Only Throught Our Massage Treatments.
Thank you And See You Soon In Our New Clinic.


10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
12:00 - 21:30
(Åpent nå)
09:00 - 21:30
For timebestillinging - Ring 922 28 987
Reception of African Massage Clinic
pictures of our beautiful Reception
One of our Massage rom
This Rom is for Sport Massage
African Massage Clinic in Oslo, Norway
Window picture: Jens Bjelkes gate 71, 0652 Oslo.
Picture of our bath rom
Our bathrom is clean and need after each customer. We never get tired of making sure our customers used a clean and neat bathrom when visiting us.
These are some of the Massage products we used
We used oreginal Massage oil to treat all our customers, These oil are very effective on the muscles and body.

Jens Bjelkes Gate 71
0652 Oslo
922 28 987

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